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The Movement!

The original Falco staircase (or Falcostiege) in Vienna was dedicated after the Musician's death in 1998. The staircase is quite small and unimpressive. Apparently the city was unable to find a street or bridge named after a dead fascist which could be rededicated.

As of December 2007, San Francisco honors Falco with a plaque on the stairs leading to Coit Tower. At last, a fitting tribute!

March 2008:
The city of Washington D.C. has followed
San Francisco's example by dedicating a grand staircase to Falco. These stairs overlook the Potomac behind the Lincoln Memorial. Mr. Lincoln would be proud.

The city remembrance society hereby dedicates this staircase to Falco, the most recognized Austrian composer of the twentieth century. 1958-1998.

In March 2009 a wonderful site in Minneapolis was declared the first Falco staircase in Minnesota.
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Please report any new occurrences of Falco staircases!

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