Let’s potlatch the experience’s own country - and its northern neighbor

The Experiences

Experience The Experience Of Being Buried Alive (June 14/8 PM: Los Angeles, June 30/8 PM and July 2/4 PM: Vancouver, July 8/7 PM: San Francisco)

Experience The Experience Of An Illegal Space Race (June 25/ 2 PM: Los Angeles)

Experience The Experience Of Growing Money (July 14/ 8 PM: San Francisco)

Experience The Experience Of A Magnetism Party (June 18/8 PM, Los Angeles)

Experience The Experience Of Catapulting Wireless Devices (Workshop: July 9/6 PM; Event: July 16/2 PM, San Francisco)

Experience The Experience Of A Brick Of Coke (June 21/8 PM: Los Angeles)

Experience The Experience Of 1 Baud (Workshop: July 20/6 PM; Event: July 22/5 PM: San Francisco)


So-called "experience" is a highly Anglo-American term.

Roughly speaking, everything is plugged as "experience". Whether it is a "dining experience" in a restaurant or the "Disney experience" in Orlando or "experience the sorrow and tragedy of Ground Zero" in New York City... everything has to be made "experiencable" or presented as an "experience". Yet there is not even a word for it in German.

monochrom now has the idea of conveying a total of 7 new "experiences" to the local population in three North American cities, making them "experiencable" in performances and events.

Basecamp Los Angeles: Machine Project: June 14, 2005 - June 28, 2005
Basecamp Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery (Unterspiel): June 29, 2005 - July 6, 2005
Basecamp San Francisco: Rx Gallery: July 8, 2005 - July 23, 2005


The Manifesto

If we look at the USA through the eyes of the Austrian media, we find a hyperactive manager of Western thought unable to relax and burdened by the symptoms of stress: bad nutrition, bad skin, bloodshot eyes and certain paranoiac behavior patterns. The USA, we fear, will suffer a stroke and fall flat on its enormous face, coughing out some missiles and unleashing the next worst-case scenario. Decisions regarding who is to be bombed back into the Stone Age and who is to be an ally in the World War IV being waged against the evil part of the world will have to be made on a day-to-day basis. No sleep till the society to end all societies is here to stay. But beware: the cocaine of false self-confidence is running around America’s brain. That might lead to a faulty evaluation of the situation culminating in the bombing of the pharmaceutical industries in some African countries whose names we have long since forgotten. Something or other starting with A or G like most of what passes for a “country” over there. In general, please note: bad decisions can cause personal, economic and credibility tragedies. We offer help. America, we can talk. We offer you a workshop on how to experience the world of experiences in which everybody’s floating around just like they were in that kiddy movie called Matrix, which reminded us of Tron somehow. Experience is that little something on which everything else is based. We live in a world of experiences, some of which are not so good, while others are great or just plain mediocre. If the experiences which form the surroundings of our surroundings are not under control, we might get lost in some European 19th- or 20th-century writer’s parallel world. We’re in danger of being Kafkaed or Melvilled by experiences if we misuse them. But if we have very good experiences, we have the chance to get stronger. We offer some transactional analysis and Gestalt therapy for your overworked mind, America. Close your eyes. Sit back. Do you know how the eagle gliding through the canyons of your mind feels? Put your feet back on your ground. That will give you good feedback in this eBayish mall we call the public world.
monochrom wants to experience the experience of permanent experience with you, to make you understand who you are and what we are. We are from Austria - can you locate us on a map, America?! Between Ayn Rand and Krugerrand there’s so much to learn and understand and overwork and undergo. So here we cum. Let’s share some meta-experience at having experiences. Are you experienced? Tune in, turn on, remember…! Cum together! When the Middle Ages started getting on people’s nerves, they came up with the idea of cooking up some sciences of experience to start a new level in this computer game we call the future. And low and behold, they found better graphics and bigger monsters to blow up on this new level. Experience is the money of the mind. And the mind of money.

monochrom is looking forward to big opening-day celebrations of their factory outlets for experience all over your organless body, America, you jellyfish in the wide seas of everythingness. We will cry, we will learn, we will go helicopter skiing together. Let there be Experience Lite (one third less filling than anything you’ve ever known). Have you ever given the slightest thought to what it would be like to be a tree or a rock or a nuclear warhead. America, let us all meditate further till everything falls apart. And suddenly we will be a tree, a rock, a nuclear warhead. This is your last chance to get some intervision before everything goes down the drain. Step back and take a look at yourself before Michael Moore writes another bestseller on this issue. Together, we can kick Michael Moore out of bed for experiencing crackers, America. Experience can be like anthrax in one case and like a good porn movie in the next one. Let us experience each other. Make experience of first, second and third order, not war of first, second and third order. Liberalism, you need a break. monochrom kills liberalism with experience and experience with liberalism. We will bring you death to bring you eternal life. Sounds a bit like Jesus, you say?
Do you know how it feels to be buried alive?
Do you know how it feels to be in space?
Do you know how it feels to delete?
Do you know how it feels to catapult something?
Do you know how it feels to create life?
Do you know how it feels to communicate?
Do you know how it feels to touch a brick?
You’ll receive an official certificate that you can include in your professional portfolio. Because: if you’re going to all tomorrow’s markets make sure to wear some flyers in your hair.
Good night America, wherever we are.

Oh, now we forgot to talk about Canada. Such a shame.

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