How does the Internet work?

In order to successfully approach people via the Internet you have to
speak the language of the Internet fluently.

Learning this procedure is not easy.

This page serves as a brief introduction to the process.

First you think about the content you want to present on the Internet.

The content you will want to present will probably be based on your
personal or professional interests.


You find two dead pigeons in your backyard.
They are in different states of decay.

You pour Vodka over them.

You stack wood on the carcasses, constructing two miniature pyres.

You burn the pigeons.

Now you set up an Internet homepage and present the content.

You distribute links to your homepage to blogs and mailing lists.

You observe pages such as Slashdot, Boing Boing, 4chan or ebaumsworld and look for keywords ("hash tags") such as "cremating pigeons", "sickos" or "lol" on Twitter.

If you fail to get noticed you should start again and change the topic.
Now you could choose to cremate a reptile, a catfish or a large mammal.

If you wish you could easily enter keywords ("meta tags") such as
"pyromanical sadomasochistic homo-bestinechrapheliacs" to your page's html code. Using this meta-tag you could attract people who like to burn themselves while having anal sex with dead male horses.

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