monochrom, Traum&Wahnsinn, Reisenbauer Film and Gorilla Medien present

The year 1601:
At the funeral of the eccentric yet brilliant astronomer Tycho Brahe, an illustrious group of mourners congregate to receive their parts of the inheritance. When the Holy Roman Emperor elects Tycho's former jester and psychic servant Jeppe to run a contest to determine the one and only winner, the situation escalates. It is a bizarre scenario of envy, malevolence, and toxic masculinity that Tycho's sister Sophia Brahe has to face. Will she overcome private and societal impediments and be able to cut her own path as a female scholar? This is a farcical film musical about passion, change, and the bottomless abyss of the oh-so-free sciences.

The film is in pre-production hell. Hard to secure finances. If you want, you can support the cause via PayPal!

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