monochrom – the special interest group for art, theory and context-crafting – is determined to confront you with a multi-layered uber-reception of individual bliss.

Dozens upon dozens of New Age/Relaxation/Esoterica CDs will be played simultaneously, in absolute darkness, and therefore create a cacophonic mist of well-being – an uneasy slur of chilloutlandishness. Whale songs and babbling creeks, synth mountains and harp surges!
n equals n plus x. And x is always radical stress relief!

Experience how the merciless juxtaposition of individual oases of full frontal feelgoodness becomes a painfully energizing sensation.
Don't miss it!


This Ultra Relaxation Experience will actually be in ACTUAL DARKNESS. If you are uncomfortable with light deprivation or the darkness in your own soul, you should prepare yourself accordingly.

Please Note:
We are NOT kidding. It is going to be HELLA dark. And KINDA loud. But EXTREMELY relaxing.

No Late Seating.
If you arrive after the commencement of Darkness, you will be confronted... with Darkness! And with being put ON STANDBY!! If you arrive after the Final Darkness has begun, none can save you. You must live your life, filled with tension, drenched in the wan artificial lights of society's illusions.

Wellness #3
At Echoraum in 1150 Vienna, Austria.
October 19-22, 2022!
Every day at 7:15 PM.
Guest lists for tension release will be available.
(Facebook event)

Wellness #2
At Raum D in Vienna, Austria!
July 12-20, 2014!
Every day at 7 PM.
Guest lists for tension release will be available.
(Facebook event)

Wellness #1
At Betalevel in Los Angeles, California!
September 20, 2013!
Time slots available at 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM.
Guest lists for tension release are available here!
(Facebook event)

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