You are a Zombie and you want to register?
Please register here. Please have your Zombie Registration Code ready.

You want to see how Zombia grows?

You can find the epidemic map here. Thank you for your interest.

You need general info?

A zombie is a member of the Zombie Nation -- which wants to turn the WORLD into Zombia, the home of the Zombies -- and the official representative of the Zombie Nation.

A zombie has to hold an official certification.

A zombie looks like and acts like every average HUMAN because he or she is an average HUMAN apart from the fact that he or she is a zombie -- which means an EX-HUMAN.

Each zombie can infect any other HUMAN. (But no illegal aliens!)

Sometime in the future a zombie might address you. Think of it as a chance. But please be aware: Being turned into a zombie is a legal act of naturalization.

You don't want to wait until a zombie addresses you? You want to be turned into a zombie immediately?

Well, there is no virtual infection. You need to physically meet a zombie to be turned into a zombie. But if you want to send us an email we can try to hook you up with official representatives of the Zombie Nation in your neighbourhood.