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The CSI Oven Cloth

The CSI Oven Cloth is a hand-made masterpiece of art. Each oven cloth is being crocheted by skillful monochrom member Evelyn Fürlinger while she watches a single episode of CSI Las Vegas, Miami or NYC, sometimes a re-run or re-re-run.

Thus, the CSI Oven Cloth is a product of woolen superiority and empathically charged with craftful love, human trauma and forensic positivism. It protects YOU from hot food containers and societal pessimism.
Your kitchen will never be the same again!

Order your CSI Oven Cloth NOW! It will be a pleasure for Evelyn Fürlinger to put you on her crocheting queue.

Price: around US$ 20. Depends on the quality of the episode.
Current waiting time: around 1 month.

Order via email, pay via Paypal.