Project management: Günther Friesinger & Frank Apunkt Schneider
Production: Günther Friesinger
Coordination: Johannes Grenzfurthner
Translation advice: Evelyn Fürlinger, Audrey Penven
Research: Roland Gratzer, Johannes Grenzfurthner
Technical Support: Franz Ablinger
Cover & Artwork: Anika Kronberger, Daniel Fabry, Frank Apunkt Schneider, Richard Wientzek
Booklet notes: Frank Apunkt Schneider, Johannes Grenzfurthner
Aesthetical McKinseying: Frank Apunkt Schneider, Johannes Ullmaier, Richard Wientzek
Councellor for queer affairs: Do Gerbig

Mastering: Christian De Lellis ( & Georg Schwey at Schwey Tonstudio

Distribution: Trost Records, Vienna

Additionally we’d like to thank: people/social persona such as Susanne Kade, Max and Maren Kade, Tina Deml,, Raymond Lefèvre, Thierry Wolf and the FGL team in Paris, Karl Marx, Michel Foucault, Robert Wyatt, Helge Schneider, Jörg Schlick, bagasch, Andreas Höllering, Albert Pöschl, Udo Proksch, the Austrian taxpayer as such, Ween, everybody who is leiwand or who otherwise has tauge, Zdenka Badovinac, FM4, Andreas Schindler, Frieda & Katharina Polman, David Dempsey, Ian Grigg, Wenzel Unger, Jake Appelbaum, Andreas Heller, eSeL und Roger Stein, Niklaas (der Junge aus Flandern), the San Francisco community, Carl Sagan, Bre Pettis and the NYC transistor folks, the Make Magazine guys, TextureKing, Peter Purgathofer, Doug Engelbart, Stefan Lutschinger, Fritz Ostermayer & Thomas Edlinger, Stanislav Petrov, Xeni Jardin and the BBtv team, Cory Doctorow, Mario Rossori, Otto Zucker, Thomas Thurner, Michael “Die Aufzucht” Zeltner, Leo “Der enthemmte Deutsche” Findeisen, the folks at the CCC, as well as some mothers, fathers, gods and goddesses (see:

monochrom are: Franz Ablinger, Daniel Fabry, Günther Friesinger, Evelyn Fürlinger, Roland Gratzer, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Anika Kronberger, Lia Kronberger, Harald List and Frank Apunkt Schneider plus numerous ambassadors and friends.

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