10. Hello Lando
Lyrics: Frank Apunkt Schneider
Music: Richard Wientzek, Matthias Linzmayer
Richard Wientzek: voc, guit, glockenspiel
Matthias Linzmayer: bass, drumbox, voc
Prod. & Mix: Matthias Linzmayer at Eyeball Spaghetti 2008

In around 2001 a call for entries was found in the inbox of the Ernst Neger Revival Band (from Chicago). It announced a compilation project to honour each of the 265 popes so far (the German worst-case-pope Benedikt XVI still haunted the German public as a hardworking clerico-fascist). On a regular CD that meant a maximum length of 19 seconds each. We roamed the pope chronicle for the most unimportant pope to do a song about his being the most unimportant pope. We came up with – well: Lando. Great never-heard-of dude. Only being in reign for 90 days. No records exist of what he did. Rumours have it that he once might have donated some money to have a church rebuilt in his hometown of Sabina. But pope studies still argue about that. The only other thing we could tell was the name of his old man, Tainus. By deceasing quickly he neither found the time nor the opportunity to indulge in the kind of atrocity you would expect from a good Catholic pope. Therefore, we wanted to honour him for not committing any history. No history is good history, they say. Thank you Lando for passing away so soon and leaving your contemporaries alone.
So, in a very pathetic mood about what cool pontifex we had picked, we went to record this song and sent it to the compiling guy. Soon afterwards we got an email thanking us for our entry. After that, we never heard back of the project and so we thought it must have ended in the way most ambitious projects do. In autumn 2007 we swapped a bundle of CDs with great and legendary German noise antitainer Ralf Siemers and there it was: “Il programma di religioni” (2004). And know what? Some average boring American laptop noise guy did Lando with some piece of average boring laptop noisemongering. Nobody had told us that we were ruled out. That’s why we took the song back to the studio and rerecorded it in an extended one-minute-version.

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