12. Let’s Network It Out (Flat Nashville Hierarchy Version)
Lyrics: Frank Apunkt Schneider
Music: Richard Wientzek
Richard Wientzek: voc, guit
Matthias Linzmayer: voc, bass
Prod. & Mix: Matthias Linzmayer at Eyeball Spaghetti 2005

We got a call that we were picked as the Austrian contribution to the Sao Paolo Biennial in 2002. Bloody hell, what should we do? By that time Austria was governed by a coalition of a bourgeois-right and a racist rightwing party. Restrictions against illegal aliens you find in any shitty Western country had gotten a lot worse. Asylum seekers died through police brutality. Of course we didn’t want to represent any country at any time being. But this was the worst one at its worst moment (since 1945). But being bourgeois art whores we were keen to become famous and travel around the world at the expense of more or less evil countries. We solved the dilemma by reactivating “Georg Paul Thomann” an Austrian artist and artworkoholic we had conceived for Ars Electronica in 2000. See his biography here:
www.monochrom.at/thomann. Thomann was exactly the kind of guy who would represent Austria. But since he has always been pushing the young and subversive to shed their light on him he asked us if we wanted to be part of his project which was a self portrait as Großglockner (highest Austrian mountain) surrounded by young artists like small villages surround huge mountains. That was fine by us because we would still be going to Sao Paolo but stupid Austrian newspapers would have to name someone else and we needn’t feel ashamed. Since togetherness and networking reached its highpoint by this, we thought it might be nice to have Thomann sing a little ditty about it, inspired by Harry Smith’s “Anthology Of American Folk Music”. So here we go with the updated version of the song that had first been published on “Update. Das Album“ which was part of the exhibition "UPDATEkunstrukturenutzen&schaffen" at Künstlerhaus Wien in 2005.

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