14. Im söbn Boot (feat. Gegenstimmen)
Lyrics: Frank Apunkt Schneider
Music: Erke Duit
Gegenstimmen: voc
Erke Duit: piano

Another song from “Stell dich ein” – originally performed by Gegenstimmen and taken from their CD album featuring the program. It indulges in the most disgusting but favourite metaphor of neolib-speak. They love to talk about “the boat” when referring to what they are doing. According to it, everybody sits in a boat drifting upon the endless but dangerous seas of capitalist causalities. The boat depicts the shift from a disciplinary society to a society of control. It is to be understood: We are all in this together and if the boat sinks we all will sink. So you better work as a team and see yourself as part of a whole being on target of survival. If you don’t antagonize against the boat owner (who nicely enough invited you into his boat to synergize) chances are you get out of this alive. But better watch out, vortexes will occur. This metaphor derives its persuasiveness (or should we call it: obtrusiveness) from the fact that capitalism is a long and winding disaster movie. So if you ever hear anybody using the phrase “get someone aboard” just delete him or her from the “friends”-section of your MySpace page. You even can kick his or her face if you think this would be more appropriate.

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