15. Die oide Celtic Frost
Lyrics: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Richard Wientzek
Music: Richard Wientzek
Roland Gratzer, Johannes Grenzfurthner: voc
Thomas Mauerhofer: guit
Georg Gratzer: bass clarinet
Prod. & Mix: Thomas Mauerhofer at headroom Graz 2007

There must be something about heavy metal that keeps us writing songs about it. This is another one concerning the social phenomena of collecting heavy metal albums, sung by famous American linguist and part time left-wingster Noam Chomsky. But let me explain… The powerpoint opera ”Extremboutique Nagy. Die guten Atmosphären” was conceived by monochrom and their artist-in-residence in summer 2003 Richard Wientzek. It was first performed at his farewell show at the Viennese Museumsquartier. It tells the somewhat crooked story of the protagonist’s quest for an enigmatic place called Extremboutique Nagy where they say a ‘good atmosphere’ is to be found. On his way through a world of crazed out information particles from a hackly bundle of discourses and world explanations he bumps into many different people and contexts. One is a sequel of a stupid German cultural TV talk show ZDF Nachtstudio. In the end, one of the guests, Noam Chomsky, gets up and delivers a traditional Wiener Lied about his collection of Metal records, preferring Burzum over Metallica who definitely sold out into being some kind of headbangers’ U2 with not so stupid (but still stupid) hairdos. But no problem for Noam because he knows Wiener Lied is something that empties all hardships and fills it with the maniacal Gemütlichkeit being pissed off the Heurigen-style. Some might dare to say: This must be satire. But be aware we have a very good legal department so you better watch out talking slanderous defamation like this. You might never get out of debt again, sucker! This goes as well for reviewers of this album.

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