16. Die Moritat von Paratii
Lyrics & Music: Richard Wientzek
Roman List: voc & hurdy-gurdy
Prod. & Mix: Johannes Grenzfurthner at home 2002

In April 2002, after we left the Biennial building under the Caligulaesque reign of terror of German curator Alfons Hug, we went on an excursion through fair and beautiful Brazil. We stopped in Paratii, a place where some might say Brazil is overdoing it a little. But we don’t care, because anyway it’s a camp camp camp camp world. One of those typical Germans on exile running hotels in some beautiful exotic places took us on a round trip to see a waterfall and have dinner on a fazenda with a restaurant. He told us a story which he swore was true. It was a story about ecologies (protection of the species that is) and poverty, and of course about the eternal antagonism between the middle class with its fucking ethical qualities and the proletariat with its fucking empty stomachs. We were enthralled by the heavy morals that were included and decided that once we were back at home we needed to form this beautiful but stirring story into a customary street ballad. And here it is…
P.S.: It might sound far away in time but what is told here is said to have happened in 1994 as the typical-Germans-on-exile-running-hotels-in-some-beautiful-exotic-places-dude swore.

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