2. Waun i schiaß revisited (feat. Max Of Prey)
Lyrics: Tommy Schmidt, Johannes Grenzfurthner
Music: Markus Zahradnik
Marcin Suder: voc
Nicholas Wormus: drums
Arr. & Prod.: Markus Zahradnik
Rec. & Mix: Clemens Wannemacher at his studio 2008

A song from our musical “Udo 77” dealing with the life and the creditworthiness of Austro-sleaze legend Udo Proksch. He definitely was the André Heller of untrustworthyness. (You don‘t know André Heller? You must a) have no soul or b) be from the United States.) In the 1970s Udo Proksch ran the Café Demel where the Austrian Social Democrat Party (SPÖ) could unhurriedly fiddle with money, departments, power and all that jazz. His last and most crazy coup was to sink his own ship together with the crew in an attempt of insurance fraud. SPÖ tried to burke investigations by the means of that boozy kind of nepotism which made Austria great (and small) again. This almost resulted in a complete breakdown of the political system.
“Udo 77” tells the story of bank trainee Norbert Kaltenbrunner who is introduced to the bank’s credit checking software “Bonito”. He incidentally picks Proksch for a test run starting the four main characters: the system’s four sub-processes working their way through the life of Udo Proksch and singing about their conclusions.
“Waun I schiaß” deals with the sociopathic strain of the weapon loving and excess seeking Udo Proksch. It’s a cold and gloomy ballad of communication-mania and social isolation. And we understand: Udo Proksch is a poor and lonely creature drifting through the social sewage system of Viennese culture, desperately clinging to a piece of driftwood called arrogance.
Since the version performed at the Rabenhof Theater in 2004 and 2005 was way too adjusted to bad musical taste by the musical director we present you here with a revised version of the original demo by Markus Zahradnik – better known as Max of Prey backed by his band audiospam.

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