3. eBay the Force (feat. Hans Nieswandt)
Lyrics: Frank Apunkt Schneider
Music: Richard Wientzek, Christian Schmidtner, Hans Nieswandt
Richard Wientzek: guit
Isis Zerlett, Hans Nieswandt: voc
Prod. & Mix: Christian Schmidtner at home, Bamberg 2004
Remix prod. by Hans Nieswandt at Brücke, Köln 2007
Mix & Mastering: Christian De Lellis & Georg Schwey at Schwey Tonstudio

Another one from “Udo 77”. It’s the final song focusing on ex-bank trainee Kaltenbrunner’s further career, having lost his job after the bank crashed when Udo Proksch came back as a ghost (or maybe a computer virus – who knows…) instigating the sub-processes to manipulate the central computer.
Rather than resigning into one of the far too many victim positions of capitalist 24-hour-catastrophy, he puts himself together turning his weakness for rare and collectible heavy metal records into a strength. Following the categorical imperative of very-late-capitalism he starts a career as a power seller for rare Metal devotional stuff such as the first hard-to-find picture LP pressing of “Equinoctial Excoriation” by Bulgarian death metal band Encumbrance or the first Effulgent Effacement-7” “Frivolous Bestiary” which he bought for 20 Schilling at the Naschmarkt flea market in 1998 from a junkie guy who had stolen it from the collection of his flat mate. This is a song of hope and glory for all you precarious softies asking capitalist world order what it can do for you but never ever ask what you can do for capitalist world order. There’s no future for you and me – so bring your own. Go and get yourself multi-nationalized, suckers! eBay is the goddamn mother-fucking force! Be with it or be smashed!
This is a new edit of the original demo done by Germany’s most fervent house-ateer Hans Nieswandt (who once mixed his way in everybody’s hearts and feet with “From Disco To Disco” by his former outfit Whirlpool Prod.). The lyrics (interpreted in the musical by Kaltenbrunner and his training supervisor Ullmaier) are done by Isis Zerlett whose great Schlagerhouse-voice kicks lame German middle-of-the-soup electropop acts such as 2raumwohnung out of bed for playing Carl Craig.

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