4. Could It Be
Lyrics & Music: Richard Wientzek
Richard Wientzek, Klas Yngborn: voc
Emanuel Büttner: oboe
Rupert Schellenberger: all other instruments
Arr.: Richard Wientzek & Rupert Schellenberger
Prod. & Mix: Rupert Schellenberger at ultramar labs. 2004/2007

And now for something completely decadent: the third and father-fucking best one from “Udo 77”. We thought that it might be a little unconventional not to have any love sub-plot in what is trying to be a 1990s cheapo standard musical production. So we had two of the sub-processes fall in love a little. Since most people who dare go to the musicals and yet don’t look entirely stupid are male homosexuals, we believe it’s a shame that they are supposed to dream and feel and fag around to stupid heterosexist bullshit feelings enacted by stupid heterosexist bullshit characters. And it is those homosexuals whom the two male sub-processes sing this duet for. That is to say: We Mariah Carey for you. And: We love to gendertain you.
Of course we know that same sex marriage is a stupid liberal trick to keep up the system of patriarchy grounded on petit bourgeois matrimony. And we know that this world would turn into a Garden of Eden if we all stopped marrying each other immediately. But you know: It’s a fucking market, stupid. And, yes, we are bourgeois art whores like everyone who is into – what they call – “freedom of the arts”. So can you feel the persuasiveness of a vestal market not yet entered!?! With guilty conscience we submit to you: the very first homosexual marriage song. Let’s reserve the first dance for the all-male bridal couple. If you absolutely need to marry you should better marry your own. Because it definitely makes for a better sex life when you know exactly what you’re doing with your partner’s genitals. So just lean back, male buyers of this album, and let your socially suppressed homoerotic longings flush through your body. Enjoy a little break from reproducing the system’s matrix as what you consider to be your authentic sexual fantasies. Just think about your driving instructor putting his strong and hairy arm around you. Enjoy his moustache working his way down to where some parts of each of us come from.
We say: “There’s a very sensation/Just beyond information/Is it modification/Could there be something new?”
You say: “It’s not Zero/It’s not One/It has only just begun/It is you/It is me/Could it be?”

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