6. Die wichtigsten Gründe
Lyrics: Frank Apunkt Schneider, Richard Wientzek
Music: Richard Wientzek
Richard Wientzek: guit, voc
Rupert Schellenberger: all other instruments
Arr.: Richard Wientzek & Rupert Schellenberger
Prod. & Mix: Rupert Schellenberger at ultramar labs. 2007

Bourgeois science has always been a media of bourgeois ideology. It has to protect the patriarchal powers to be, and to justify and secure them. Just to give you one example: think of the German literature studies’ research on the “Nibelungenlied” – an epic poem in Middle High German. Still nobody knows who wrote it. Some say it might have been a chevalier, some say a bandsman or a cleric. In a pretty obscure essay Berta Lösel-Wieland-Engelmann argues that the Nibelungenlied might have been written by a nun from Niedernburg. Of course, professional circles didn’t want to hear about that. The unknown nun as well as Berta Lösel-Wieland-Engelmann are gateways into a female history of literature lying unwritten for the most part, dude. Both were writers but they were lost a long time ago. They don’t exist in the history of literature. Or let us say: they don’t exist in a way in which women should not exist. Whether Berta Lösel-Wieland-Engelmann really existed or whether she’s just a clever fake by some feminist prankster – we do not know and we do not care to know. Cool knowledge is not defined what you know but to know why you want to know something.
“Die wichtigsten Gründe” takes you on a fascinating trip through the wonderland of the mechanisms of exclusion and not-being-there-ness. Let us imagine them writing to get away from the hegemonic male humanist sciences, kids. We decided to do so in an aesthetical mode referring to folksy tradition that doesn’t exist either. We don’t give a shit about folksongs trying to be authentic (as in “truth”) but love the pop folksong mainstream which is not authentic and proud of it (as in “trash”). It’s a “Volkstümliche Musik”-thing you wouldn’t understand, educational bourgeois suckers.
This beautiful piece of a traditional lack of tradition was conceived by monochrom subgroup Erfolgsduo Grenzfurther, Fürlinger & List in 2003 for a feminist sampler that has never been finished. In 2005 it was first released on a compilation by the famous Viennese Hobbythek. Here you have the latest version.

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