8. Flowers (feat. Matthias Kertal)
Lyrics: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Evelyn Fürlinger, David Bovill
Music: Matthias Kertal
Evelyn Fürlinger, Manu Luksch & Mariko: voc
Matthias Kertal: all instruments
Prod. & Mix: Matthias Kertal at Ambient Space London & chez polmanova studios Vienna (www.mikaella.org) 2005 & 2007

The economic system we inhabit was built on money as an all time equivalent for everything, from the weather to a kidney donation they got for us on the world market. But (imagine horror movie trailer from 1969) Money is out of control. Remember “Westworld” the not so great Michael Crichton film? And imagine money cowboys instead of robot cowboys running around amok? Got the idea? Money has become totalitarian – even worse than God, Allah and Jehovah teaming up. It is everywhere (even in this CD!!!!). If you kiss your partner, you kiss money. If you shove your dick in your lover’s ass, money is the latex that’s between you. It is a magic trick turning things into goods – the air we breathe, the water we drink, Michael Jackson, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri and – of course – Naomi Klein.
But not only do we depend on money (if we want to have bread, a place to sleep or a book by Naomi Klein – although we can not recommend that), money depends on us. It needs us to believe in it and its promise that if I have it, you will accept it for something I need. The promise that a shop, a factory, a government, a contract killer, or a friend will say “Ok, I’ll take it!” But what if we’d lose our belief? Economy will collapse! People become “unemployed”, factories close, families go hungry, and workers go home. Why? Why would they stop? Why would the factories close? Why would people starve? The soil would still be there, food can be planted. The factory still stands, and things could be made. But no-one can buy that stuff. Imagine: God is dead but we cannot get out of the church because we lost the keys to the door (suppose we would be as stupid as to lock ourselves up in the church during service).
Thinking about that, we started to panic in 2005. We have to disestablish that or it will disestablish us. Oh my gawd! So we overhasty started a system to exchange and share together with financial cryptographer Ian Grigg and some other folks from the Viennese art and politics scene. The new money was to be backed by flowers. We founded a “bank” to store, press and dry them. A token that we thought we could send to someone else – like sending a promise. Well, like most experiments into alternative currencies this did of course amount to nothing. But still we got this beautiful independent psych theme song out of it to include here. This is the new version redone by original composer Matthias Kertal of Mika-fame.

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